At a sign, the book is open – Book Face Campaign

At a sign, the book is open

We promote reading, we promote books, so it was about time to make personalized bookmarks with Bookface. With his creativity and inspired by an internet photo, Victor tought that it would be very appropriate for our bookmarks to have the following message: “If you are waiting for a sign to read a book, this is the sign”. The people’s reaction was good, the message was funny, so the bookmarks started to be printed. The first design was made by Victor, and after, more versiones came out made by Book Express, Petruța Grijincu or Loopaa Agency.

”dacă aștepți un semn pentru a citi o carte, acesta e semnul”

Geplaatst door Cărțile pe față op Maandag 7 april 2014

In the beginning, we wanted to share this bookmarks in rather unexpected places, so we gave them in Cora Supermarket from Cluj, right after pleople finished their shopping. In this moment, the bookmarks are all over the country, in usual or unusual places. Our bookmarks are translated in english or hungarian and we also have bookmarks with different quotes made in partnership with The European Capital of Youth – Cluj 2015, but one thing was left to do. Cristian Gog said that usualy, the signs come from the sky, so we should throw a lot of bookmarks from a plane. Coming soon!