Book library in a Car Service – Book Face Campaign

Book library in a Car Service

With the desire to find new ways to promote reading, Adela and Victor come up to the idea of convincing Iovi Car Service to join their campaign, by offering a book to every client, in exchange for every car they leave for fixing. The implementation of this idea happened quite quickly. Victor wrote two story scripts, and with the help of the guys from AV Media, they have filmed ”the miracle”. In the mean time, he had also prepared the library for the car service. Some of the books were already in the service, including technical manuals about cars and good manners book, collected in their campaign about good manners in traffic, and the rest of the books were brought from his own library. The press, the clients, the television, they all reacted in a positive way, most of all because the books were placed in an unusual spot. There were people requesting the books, without being clients of that car service. By the end of May 2014, another car service launched this library, this time from Brașov, VROM Car Service.

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