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Bookselfie is the new selfie

We tought that the public figure Andi Moisescu would be the best ambassador of the message ”Bookselfie is the new selfie”, because he chose to wear a T-shirt with a special message in every Apropo TV show. Knowing that Andi Moisescu is active on Twitter, Victor whispered the followings:

No reaction for several hours. After that, Victor created a Facebook event, inviting all his friends and asking them to send all the same message on their Twitter account:

@andimoisescu for the love of books, please wear in one of your Apropo TV show, a T-shirt with the message Bookselfie is the new selfie

It was funny that some people signed-in for Twitter especially for this purpose, and after 50 people sending him this message, Andi reacted and wrote „Bookselfie is the new selfie. Got it”.

After that, we tried to find out what size is he wearing, to send it to him, but we didn’t succeed, until one Sunday, when Andi Moisescu showed up in the show after an advertising moment with a different T-shirt and a well known message: bookselfie is the new selfie, mentioning that he was bombarded on Twitter for a noble purpose, for the love of books.

Andi Moisescu: Book selfie is the new selfie

Andi Moisescu s-a lăsat convins de comunitatea Cărțile pe față să poarte la ApropoTV un tricou cu mesajul ”Book selfie is the new selfie” !

Geplaatst door Cărțile pe față op Zondag 30 november 2014