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Reading club “Reader’s Voice”

At the idea of Maria Timsac, the Bookface team initiated the Reading Club called Reader’s Voice. At first, the reading club was held every two weeks, but from 2015 it started to be held weekly, being included even in the calendar of The European Capital of Youth – Cluj 2015, and it was slightly different from an usual reading club. The Club participants didn’t had to read the book before the meeting, but they will read in turns, right there, outloud. For this reason, short texts that can be read in up to 90 minutes were chosen.

After listening to the voices of the readers, the evening continues with various discussions on reading, discussions about the author or opinions about ideas in the text with which they identify themselves. An exchange of useful thoughts that loads every participant with knowledge and energy. The team wants for this club to take place as often as possible, in as many locations as possible, supporting each other in every initiative.

Clubul de lectură Vocea cititorului

Clubul de lectură Vocea cititorului organizat de Cărțile pe față. Te invităm să vii și tu la întâlnirile noastre, ne vedem în fiecare joi la Mint Bistro de la ora 20.00. Intră pe grupul nostru pentru a fi la curent cu fiecare ediție: Cine vrea să organizeze un astfel de club la el în oraș? :)Video by AV Media ProductionsMusic by None of the AboveRockomandat de Rock FM#shareCulture #shareJoy Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015

Geplaatst door Cărțile pe față op Vrijdag 16 januari 2015