Special prize for the reader of the year – Book Face Campaign

Special prize for the reader of the year

Many of our actions rely on encouraging reading among young people, because we think it’s important to implement this idea at an early age. That is the reason why together with Octavian Goga County Library, we initiated the Special Prize for the Reader of the Year. We formed two categories of young people, one under the age of 13 and one above this age. Each child had to read 10 books and make an resume for each of them. Then, the winner of The Reader of the Year was named, and his prize consisted in a luxuriant way of transportation from home to school and vice versa, during one week. So, the winner for The Reader of the Year has traveled with a BMW 5 Series, precisely to make sure that our message is clear: reading takes you out of your daily routine, and it can offer you new experiences.