The book “Book Selfie” – Book Face Campaign

The book “Book Selfie”

The book written by Victor represents the story of the campaign. In fact, the story of the first 10 actions. More than just a statement of how a playful idea on Facebook became a campaign, the book itself is an act of promoting reading. It contains quote and illustrations, ready to be turned into mini-posters. The book also contains a trap and if a reader finds it, he have a reward, a t-shirt with the message: ”You are what you read”.

The book was printed through a crowdfunding campaign on, reaching the amount proposed in less than 2 days and was launched at the international Book Festival Transylvania. The second edition of the book brought with it the possibility of printing the book with the picture of the reader on the cover. You can find more details here.

Trailer la cartea Cărțile pe față

Cartea care spune povestea despre primele zece acțiuni din cadrul campaniei de promovare a lecturii Cărțile pe față.

Geplaatst door Cărțile pe față op Vrijdag 29 augustus 2014