We promote reading, we put the Books on our faces – Book Face Campaign

We promote reading, we put the Books on our faces

The first act consist in the action that actually gave the name of this campaign. Victor was inspired by Adela Mureșan’s speech, sustained at a Toastmasters Cluj event, in which he tackles the main reasons why people do not read. The title of the speech being ”With the books on our faces”, Victor took the idea of himself, took a picture of Jonathan Coe’s ”Dream House” book and posted it as a profile photo on Facebook. This is how it all began.

When he posted the second book, he started to write in the comment section fragments from the book, that he whould usually pointed out. After a few weeks, when no one reacted to those pictures that contained #bookselfie, Victor made another brave step and proposed to the Bookstory library, from Cluj, to offer a 10% discount to all the people who have a profile picture on Facebook when they read a book. The answer was a positive one, and from that moment, things got bigger and bigger.

Liviu Mihaiu from Radio Guerilla, Daniel Buzdugan from Radio Zu and even some university professors from Cluj, begun to mention us and also, the hashtags #bookface became more and more popular; suddenly, Victor was no longer alone in his desire to promote reading in a novel way, based on the principle of Adam Stanley ”It’s better to have your nose in a book than in someone else’s business”.

Cărțile ne hrănesc într-un mod mult mai interesant decât mâncarea. Suntem și ce lecturăm. Cărțile pe care le citesc mă…

Publicată de Victor Miron pe Miercuri, 22 ianuarie 2014